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“Hi Stephanie, Just wanted to share my appreciation for Stephanie’s crypto knowledge. Her emphasis on security has been so valuable and your simple step-by-step process has been so easy to follow. Thank you!!!”

Alex Atchinson

“Stephanie's knowledge of crypto is absolutely invaluable.

This woman knows her SH*T! Don't walk, RUN to join this free masterclass, you will not regret it!”

“Stephanie's knowledge of crypto is absolutely invaluable.

This woman knows her SH*T! Don't walk, RUN to join this free masterclass, you will not regret it!”

Eva Blandino

"Who else feels like a dangerous MoFo while starting to farm? I feel like James Bond at the Casino, except, I have a fix in the game....And all the other players are watching me in awe!"

Derek Porter

Learning About Crypto Completely Transformed My Life…

What is your time/freedom/family/sleep/sanity worth to you?

Before I became a crypto investor, I was a mompreneur who built a multi-7-figure coaching business online while raising a family and… it was exhausting.

Once I discovered crypto in 2016 and had a few early wins, I became crypto-obsessed and devoured every piece of info I could find on the subject. Somehow, I sensed it was my path to create honest freedom.

Fast forward to now, my crypto projects pay out thousands a day on average in passive income and I’ve got the time, energy, and drive to help people everywhere achieve financial independence and take back their lives by building wealth through crypto.

There are INSANE opportunities in this space, but the only way to reach them is to spot projects with true potential while avoiding those landmine rug pulls you hear about on the news.

People 100% get scammed, but crypto is NOT a scam and when you avoid *too good to be true* projects, the rest is gravy (I’ll teach you how in this free masterclass)...

This is NOT financial advice. I don’t tell you where to put your money. Instead, I show you how to spot winners from losers to save you time, effort, cash, and boatloads of heartache.

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll come away with the knowledge and skills to start your crypto journey, ready to deep dive into crypto & DeFi.

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Meet Stephanie Nickolich

Crypto & Coffee Addict | DeFi Momma

Stephanie Nickolich is a mom of three wild little humans who built a multi-7-figure coaching business online.

Later, she discovered crypto and leveraged smart passive investments to achieve financial freedom and truly stop trading time for money. This created the space to focus on her family while teaching others to achieve the same.

Today, Stephanie has helped over 5,000 people across more than 23 countries sprint towards financial independence.

From beginners who’ve only just started to seasoned entrepreneurs, Stephanie guides them in their quest to create generational wealth.

Now it’s your chance to participate in the largest wealth transfer in human history (AKA crypto and DeFi) so you can enjoy the potential to bring your dreams to life faster than you ever imagined possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know anything about crypto?

It’s fine! Just bring a positive attitude. I’ll teach you the rest. It’s way easier than your mind will lead you to believe. Most of the women I teach don’t have any crypto experience at all, and they come away with brilliant insights and a clear path forward.

Will you just tell me what projects to invest in?

Nope. That’s a one-way ticket to Brokesville. My goal is to help you achieve financial independence. I never give financial advice. Instead, I teach you how to find, research, and vet projects to make smart decisions that can pay off 10-fold (or more).

What will I actually learn?

In less than 1-hour, I’ll introduce you to the crypto and DeFi space (and its true potential), show you how to earn money passively, my very own crypto gem hunting strategy that has helped me spot 20x, 50x and even 100x crypto projects before they pop, and teach you to feel confident wanting to move forward in your crypto journey.

Are there any rules to this masterclass?

Yeah, actually… I take this seriously and you should too. This is a REAL first step to change your life. It requires a level of commitment. Show up for the masterclass and watch it in its entirety and you’ll walk away with huge insights (+ a ridiculous life changing bonus). If not, you can always step back out the door.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Every person is different. My results and the results of past students do not necessarily reflect the results you will get by joining this challenge. To succeed with any investment requires research, effort, and some amount of risk.

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